The Nomad by Fate cushion – FREE PATTERN INSIDE

Hi again, It was a while ago that I updated this blog. Time is tight when you are a father of two wild daughters. Finally I found the time to write the final pattern in the "Nomad by Fate" series. It is a cushion this time, crocheted front and backside. Of course it is possible... Continue Reading →


German Only/Deutsch: “Nomad by Fate” Square auf Deutsch.

So, nachdem es scheinbar grosses Interesse an einer Version in deutscher Sprache gibt, habe ich mich zu später Stunde hingesetzt und versucht mein Muster zu übersetzen. Das Muster ist in Scheepjes Catona gehäkelt und genaue Farbkombinationen findet man HIER. Das Muster ist nicht getestet und falls sich Fehler eingeschlichen haben, bitte ich darum nachsichtig zu... Continue Reading →

A short introduction: Mosaic Crochet

(Using us/european crochet terms in this post) What is mosaic crochet?This technique gives you the opportunity to crochet two colour patterns without changing yarn in one row or round. You simple can connect rows or rounds by skipping a stitch and "filling" the skipped stitch with a double crochet 2 rows or rounds later with... Continue Reading →

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