The “Nomad by Fate” triangle wrap – Free Pattern inside.

I always wanted to make a triangle wrap/shawl but never had a good-enough idea to do so. When I crocheted the The Move On Up Wrap based on the apache tears by Sarah London , I noticed that the lines which meet in the middle would make imho the perfect border for a triangle. I... Continue Reading →

Free Pattern: The Up Early – Up North Hat

My first ever pattern. I really, really hope you like it. Feedback is more than welcome. A very special thanks to the Queen of Swedish Crochet Design MijoCrochet who helped me with the pattern and tested it. I highly recommend her blog if you do not already follow her. She designs the most fantastic patterns! It... Continue Reading →

The Up Early – Up North Hat

As a father of two girls (one and four years old) I am up early often. In the summertime, this gives me the opportunity to watch and photograph wild animals like moose, deer and foxes who are all around our house in the woods, in the north of Sweden. In winter aurora borealis, the northern... Continue Reading →

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