Connected – cushion sized square – FREE PATTERN INSIDE

So here is it. The first pattern in the "CONNECTED" series. Made in SCHEEPJES  River washed with a Stone Washed border. Enough talking  -let´s crochet! You can find more information about the pattern and the process here: Something new… WIP „Connected“ I’m gonna get myself CONNECTED If you want to go for a bigger version, just... Continue Reading →

Crochet Hack: Every now and then I fall apart.

Ok, this is not really crochet. But here is the thing: I really like pompoms. I really like huge, massive pompoms. I think this gives your hat that special something. But I hate pompoms that loosen. That means that there are tiny bits of yarn everywhere. And as i am a father of two wildlings... Continue Reading →

Something new…

As the world seems to be in crises and we are facing uncertain times it feels a little odd to write about a new project and the yarn I am going to use. But hey, we have to face this together and keep our heads up high. And maybe one or two of you can... Continue Reading →

The “Common People” hat – FREE PATTERN inside

  Back to basic, to create something wearable. A crocheted item for people who do not like crocheted items. A handmade hat that doesn’t look handmade. Perfect fit. That was the goal. A hat that keeps you warm and is usable every day.     It all started with a simple need. I needed a […]

The “Soulstorm” blanket

"From Oolong to English Tea, Matcha, Saffron and Ginger, tea comes in many flavours and so do the exquisite knit & crochet projects featured in our new YARN Bookazine 8 Tea Room!" ...and guess what? My newest design "The Soulstorm blanket" is one of the 17 wonderful patterns in this issue. *blush*. I know I repeat... Continue Reading →

The „Seaweed“ blanket

So this is it. My first publication. I am really proud and honored and i feel pretty privileged that my design made it to the brand new SCHEEPJES YARN 7 - Reef. The book-a-zine is available at your Scheepjes Dealer and features 17 fantastic patterns of the most wonderful designers such as: CYPRESS TEXTILES,  RED SPARROW CROCHET,  THE GUY WITH... Continue Reading →

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