German Only/Deutsch: “Nomad by Fate” Square auf Deutsch.

So, nachdem es scheinbar grosses Interesse an einer Version in deutscher Sprache gibt, habe ich mich zu später Stunde hingesetzt und versucht mein Muster zu übersetzen. Das Muster ist in Scheepjes Catona gehäkelt und genaue Farbkombinationen findet man HIER. Das Muster ist nicht getestet und falls sich Fehler eingeschlichen haben, bitte ich darum nachsichtig zu... Continue Reading →


The “Nomad by Fate” square – Free Pattern Inside

Here is just another amazing crochet story: A few weeks after i released the “Nomad by Fate” triangle wrap and“Nomad by Fate” blanket I got an E-mail. I was asked if it would be ok for me if a square inspired by my design would be released. I was deeply honoured and of course I... Continue Reading →

The northern lights are finally back

After a rather boring winter when it comes to northern lights they came finally back on the 14th of march. A cold and clear night - perfect conditions. I saw them through my window, appearing right over my neighbors (who is my mother in law) house. My mother in law watching the northern lights over... Continue Reading →

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